Major: Projects and programs

Contract Type

Contract Type: Temporary Contract

Deadline to apply

Deadline to apply: 2023-02-10

Required Education

Required Education: ( University degree (Bachelor’s) preferably within Information Technology, Computer Science, statistics, or other related fields of study )

Language Level

Language Level: Advanced

Job Level

Job Level: Employee

Job Type

Job Type: Full Time

Required CV Language

Required CV Language: English

Military service for Males

Military service for Males: Postponed

Location: Syrian Arab Republic - Damascus

Years of Experience

Years of Experience: 2


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Specialization Specialization

University degree (Bachelor’s) preferably within Information Technology, Computer Science, statistics, or other related fields of study

Job Summary and Purpose Job Summary and Purpose

In the strategic period 2022-2025, NRC will continue consolidating and expanding its access in Syria to support protection and resilience of displacement affected populations through inspiring advocacy and an efficient response, anchored on evidence-based decision making, partnership with national responders and community-driven processes. NRC will rely on highly competent and committed staff who embrace NRC core values, protection policies and code of conduct, and a fit-for-purpose organisational structure to meet the strategic objectives. The Information Management Officer will contribute to the development, rollout, and maintenance of NRC SCO’s information management systems. The IM Officer will mainly work on development and maintenance of systems for capturing and visualizing output data, analysis of secondary data, and needs assessments. The IM Officer will work with staff in the Country Office and Area Offices to support data extraction, visualization, and capacity building as needed.

Duties and Responsibilities Duties and Responsibilities

- Adherence to NRC policies, guidance, and procedures - Implement Information Management activities according to the plan of action - Ensure proper filing of documents - Promote and share ideas for development and technical improvement of the data management systems. - Support capacity building and training of programme staff on M&E technical areas. - Develop and maintain reporting system for programme achievements and evidence. - Ensure NRC’s related activities are implemented in accordance with NRC Safe and Inclusive Programming (SIP) guidelines, policies and Syria-specific explanatory notes. - Report any breaches/concerns, in a confidential manner, through NRC SCO reporting channels. - Promote and secure a safe working environment for reporting concerns/breaches, and that all cases reported are processed in a confidential and sensitive manner. - Develop and maintain the information management system for capturing monthly output data, in cooperation with Area Office teams. - Develop systems for visualizing NRC SCO data in line with Global Output and Outcome Reporting System (GORS) and PowerBI dashboards. - Lead on development and roll-out of SOPs, systems, and procedures for IM and data audit. - Support data management and the process of integration of separate databases to the main SCO IM system. - Develop information management and visualization systems for NRC SCO needs assessments using data from multi-sectorial needs assessments and secondary sources. - Minimize data collection, data entry and reporting efforts through introducing new design coordination using digital processes/automatization. - Adhere with NRC data protection regulations, EU GDPR and other data protection policies. - Contribute to internal learning to help improve NRC processes and project delivery through provision of specific technical analysis, lessons learnt and reports. - Conduct country-wide data analysis and reporting, based on the data collected and in the Area Offices. - Support the capacity building and training to project staff, M&E teams in Area Offices, and partner staff on information management. - Support Project Cycle Management at the CO level (develop and maintain M&E/Project Matrices, logframe design and updates, supporting Grant Opening - Meetings (GOMs), PRMs, Grant Closure Meetings (GCMs), etc.).

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